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Top 1% Sellers Academy: Own Your Own Destiny

When I first thought of starting The Top 1% Sellers Academy, I thought of myself as a business owner; chief sales officer of two businesses. I also thought aboutallof the sales professionals out there and how we all are really on our own. Yes, some of our companies are fortunate to have training groups, sales enablement teams and field support teams. Yet, at the end of the day, when you're out there in front of the customer the buck stops with you. There is so much pressure on you as a sales professional to bring that deal home.

It's the holy grail of many of the groups mentioned above to provide sales professionals with real time training and sales enablement content and tools. In truth, most of the time, such efforts fall short of being highly relevant and at our finger tips for us when we needed it most.

Here you are trying to close a deal and sometimes you need timely advice from a coach who's solely interested in your own success. Or you may need to reach out to peers, industry experts to help you with your current opportunity. Or perhaps you just want a chance to listen to a sales expert with up-to-date advice and the latest success strategies.

We know you're short of time and need targeted, focused content and coaching. At the same time, you desire to be the best of the best, raise your game and become a Top 1% Seller.

As fellow sales professional, I share with you the mantra: “If it's to be, it starts with me!”. And as a result, I created the Top 1% Sellers Academy. I’ve built the Academy around three masteries:

  • Self-Mastery
  • Value Creation Mastery
  • Customer Success Mastery

And assembled top quality actionable sales content to help you develop these masteries and most importantly win bigger and more often, gain the recognition you deserve among your peers.

Check out the sales thought leaders, content and tools we assembled here for you. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

Jim Cathcart

Top Sales World Magazine’s Top Sales Influencer 2017. Sales and Marketing Hall of Famer. With Over 40 Years of Professional Speaking around the World, Jim is One of the Best Known and Most Award-Winning Motivational Speakers in the Marketing and Sales World.

Tim Sanders

New York Times Best-Selling Author of Dealstorming. Former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer Tim Sanders has consulted with industry leaders, governments and trade associations on sales processes, new media, leadership development and talent management.

Lewis Schiff

Lewis Schiff is chairman of the Birthing of Giants and is the author of The First Habit: The One Technique That Can Change Your Life. He is the executive director of The Business Owners Council and the co-founder (with Norm Brodsky) of BEN Global Mentorship that helps business owners transform their companies into scalable enterprises and, eventually, enduring institutions with help from rockstar entrepreneurs from around the world.

The Top 1% Sellers Academy
Gives you the Edge to Join the Top 1% Sellers Ranks

You'll learn from game-changers who have been just where you are. They share their sales success secrets and show you how to get on the stage as a top 1% seller!

I hand-picked top sales hall of fame sales speakers and experts to share with you their time-tested winning sales strategies. You’ll be in very unique company with these thought leaders and you’ll get more every month

Each of these sales experts also shares free tools, book chapters and recommendations. Some of their great resources will also be available in the Academy store and mastermind offerings. Lots of value waiting for you.

Tim Sanders

New York Times Best-Selling Author


Jeffrey Hayzlett

Primetime TV and Radio Host, Best-Selling Author of Think Bigger Act Bigger

Primetime TV and Radio Host, Best-Selling Author of Think Bigger Act Bigger: the Rewards of Being Relentless

Peter Meyers

Author of As We Speak

How to Make Your Point and Have It Stick and founder of Stand & Deliver Consulting Group.

Mike Weinberg

Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

Sales Management Simplified, New Sales Simplified

Ty Bennett

CEO Entrepreneur. Best-Selling Author

The Power of Influence and the Power of Storytelling

Lewis Schiff

Author of Business Brilliant

Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons and the co-founder of BEN Global Mentorship

Jim Cathcart

Chosen one of the Top Sales Influencers of 2014 & 2015 by Top Sales World Magazine Based in London & Paris. In December of 2012 Jim Cathcart was inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in London, England...

Tiffani Bova

Growth and Innovation Evangelist. Salesforce

There is no avoiding the reality that how we sell has forever changed. Tiffani challenges conventional thinking pushing sales to a more customer driven mindset and away from an internal productivity and performance based management

Mike Weinberg

Consultant, sales coach, speaker and author on a mission to simplify sales. His specialties are New Business Development and Sales Management, and his passion is helping companies and individuals acquire new clients. Prior to launching his own firm, Mike had been the top-producing salesperson in three organizations.

Peter Meyers

Fonder of Stand & Deliver Consulting Group and Author of As We Speak: How to Make Your Point and Have It Stick. Speaks, and writes about digital books. Author of the forthcoming "Breaking the Page: Transforming Books and the Reading Experience".

Ty Bennett

Best-Selling Author of The Power of Influence and the Power of Storytelling and CEO Entrepreneur. When Ty was 21 years old, he and his brother Scott started a business in direct sales, which they built to over $20 million in annual revenue while still in their twenties.

Enjoy access to the Top 1% Sellers Academy Online Store Full of Exclusive Sales Development Programs

Top 1% Sellers Academy Webinar Series

This is a webinar series covering topics ranging from how not to discount and lose value during sales negotiations, how to use ‘dealstorming’ to crack a deadlocked deal, or how to use storytelling to help clients see the solution future vision and more. You can watch or listen to these webinars with top sales experts such as Tim Sanders, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Jim Cathcart, Tiffani Bova, Mike Weinberg and many more.

Top 1% Sellers Hall of Fame Sales Deal Case Study Interviews

Every month we find a Top 1% Seller who sold 7-figure deals, beat quota repeatedly and brings a lot of hard-won street smarts and interview her/him.
We share their stories, strategies and tactics so you can learn from people like you who are out there making deals happen.

Top 1% Sellers Certification

As a member, you’ll have access to our collection of modules covering the 12 competencies behind the three Top 1% Sellers Masteries:

  • Self-Mastery
  • Value Creation Mastery
  • Customer Success Mastery

You’ll find modules, workbooks, worksheets, recommended books and other resources.

Once you finish this series, you’ll receive your digital completion certificate as a testament to your accomplishment.

The Top 1% Sellers Blueprint Assessment:

Find out how you compare to top 1% sellers. This assessment will measure your skills vis a vis the Top 1% Sellers benchmark and help you identify Top 1% behaviors, skills and mindset development areas that will drive your next stage of high achievement and how you can join the ranks of Top 1% Sellers.

Jim Cathcart’sThe Acorn Principle

Access in our online store great books such as Jim Cathcart’s the Acorn Principle: Know Yourself, Grow Yourself. Self-awareness-knowing your nature, your abilities, and how you react to people and situations-may well be the greatest life-management skill you can have. The Acorn Principle is a guide to doing a complete "life checkup" that will help you pinpoint your talents and strengths

Jim Cathcart’s Relationship Selling

The Key to getting and keeping customers. Learn to reach the Top 1% of sales producers in just 15 minutes of extra focus per day. Relationship Selling teaches you the 32 skills in the eight competencies of top sales performers.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Primetime TV and Radio Host, Best-Selling Author of Think Bigger Act Bigger: the Rewards of Being Relentless. He was formerly the Chief Marketing Officer of the Eastman Kodak Company from 2009-2010.

Tiffani Bova

Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce: Tiffani Challenges Conventional Thinking, Emphasizing Sales Strategies that Focus on Customers First and Internal Productivity Second.

Champions Membership

Game Changing Webinars:

Gain access to insider knowledge from some the top sellers and sales experts in the world. Watch, re-watch, and apply their lessons in your own daily sales strategies. Then watch your numbers skyrocket.

Hall of Fame Interviews:

Learn from the most elite sellers in the world, the Top 1% who are sharing their exact strategies for consistently making 7 figure deals..

One-on-One Coaching:

Choose to work with one of top global sales coaches and work with them to kick up your numbers on the sales score dashboard.
You can request 1/1 coaching, hotline or hotseat calls. During a hotseat call, you get to receive advice from 3 top sales coaches and unlock a multimillion or a high stakes deal you’re working on.

Sales Tools & Templates:

See instant gains in your sales numbers with proven templates and tools designed to help you save more time and earn more money.

Essential Books & Resources:

Take advantage of a strategically curated list of essential resources for successful selling.

Expert Masterminds:

This is a listing of in-person or virtual training offerings available for you at an additional investment for you and your sales teams with a sales expert.


Join a dynamic community of dedicated sales professionals, executives, and thought leaders just like you. Connect on an exclusive Facebook and Linkedin groups to gain instant access to the best of the best.

Hot Seat Advice Calls:

For an extra fee, get on a call with 3 sales coaches and experts for unique 3rd party insight on your accounts, deals, and sales performance. These are the perfect way to accelerate your success and to break through any barriers between you and a major win!

Free today on a 30 day trial, then $37.00 every month.