Ayman Sawaf Talks about Top 1% Sellers’ Emotional Intelligence

Ayman Sawaf

In This Episode

My guest today is Ayman Sawaf. Ayman is one of the creators of the discipline now known as emotional literacy (EL).

He is also known as a pioneer in emotional intelligence (EQ) and a co-creator of the four cornerstone model and its application in business as illustrated in his book with Dr. Robert Cooper, Executive EQ.

Ayman has spent the last 16 years building the foundation for new systems and industries that are expected to monetize the ability of these perspectives to optimize human capital by providing new ways to nurture our relationships with ourselves, our families, and the workplace.

Ayman is the founder of multiple companies, an international speaker, and the executive producer of several movies and television shows created in collaboration with major Hollywood studios. He has also published numerous children’s books and composed several music albums. His recent works include a book with his wife, Rowan Gabrielle, titled Sacred Commerce: A Blueprint for a New Humanity. It tells the story of how business and spirituality have walked hand in hand throughout history and still do today.

Ayman also discusses the concept of sacred commerce in his social media and business networks.

About Ayman Sawaf

An entrepreneur and executive, Ayman shifted his focus to creating wellness after starting numerous businesses. In 1989, he founded and funded Enchante Entertainment (www.kidseq.com), a media company dedicated to promoting emotional literacy in schools and among families.

Enchante published the Emotional Literacy Series and created, produced and released two award-winning feature films and three television series for children. These were created in conjunction with SONY, Warner Brothers and HBO along with producer Norman Lear, actress Shelly Duvall and former Disney animator Jim George.

You can find out more about Ayman at his website:

In This Episode, Ayman Sawaf Talks about Emotional Intelligence:

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