Leslie Horton: Business Mentor and Success Coasch

Business Mentor and Success Coach: Leslie Horton

Episode High Level Summary:

In this episode, you'll enjoy my discussion with Leslie Horton. Leslie and I talk about Top 1% Sellers characteristics and differentiated qualities mindsets and behaviors

We then discuss how a coach like Leslie works with her clients and the different formats for coaching 1/1 and with groups.

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Leslie is a CFO and Business Mentor with a background in the C-level suite and as an entrepreneur.  Business Advisor: Since 1998 I have mentored presidents, business owners and professionals who wish to move their businesses forward to more value and success.

CFO: Spanning a number of industries, I have raised or facilitated more than $150MM in financing, conducted an institutional roadshow and served as a key contributor on an IPO and secondary offering. As a seasoned CFO, I raise working capital; create strategic advisory boards that open doors; deliver "state of the company"​ analysis; create investor, board and banker presentations; help define deal points in contract administration; and assist with Mergers & Acquisitions.

Leslie is the creator of the Unleashed Success Program for executives, business owners and professionals who are ready to expand their possibilities through empowerment, acceleration and mastering the habits of excellence.

Here you will find people who are motivated and curious. These are the people you will definitely want to meet and interact with often. We are seeking members who choose to achieve their dreams.

Along the way you may have discovered that you want more from life and yet find that something seems to be holding you back. Do you want to create the best in your life?

Leslie is a member of the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. Her education and credentials include: five Success Coaching Certifications, Certified Business and Life Coach, M.B.A. Santa Clara University, California Certified Public Accountant and B.S. Business Administration CSU Northridge  For the past ten years the Unleashed Success Program has inspired leaders to go further and faster to their destinations.

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Host: Ash Seddeek
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