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Your membership fee covers the following:

  • Top 1% Sellers Academy webinar series: Access to the monthly Top 1% Sellers Academy webinar series (total of 10 interviews and related resources)
  • Hall of Fame interviews (total of 10 interviews with top 1% sellers sharing their sales success journey and one of their featured deals).
  • Top 1% Sellers Blueprint Assessment: A discount on the online Top 1% Sellers Blueprint Assessment tool to help you find out how close you are to becoming a top 1% seller
  • Access to free resources, including podcasts and content from some of our partners
  • Access to the Top 1% Sellers Certification Course: currently in development
  • Access to the Top 1% Sellers Manager as a Coach course: currently in development
  • Access to the Social Selling Runaway Profits Telesummit content when released in early 2017
  • Hall of Fame and thought leader book recommendations: You can buy these from our website or from the retailer of your choice.

You'll pay additional fees for the following:

  • Time with a sales coach
  • Hotline Calls
  • Hot Seat Calls

Our concierge service manager will coordinate between you and the coach(es) for scheduling and payments.

  • Store: You can browse additional sales professional development offers and pay for them in our online store.

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Latest News

We're excited about the Social Selling Success Telesummit coming up in April 2017. Stay tuned for more news and how to participate and learn some real hands on strategies, tactics and tools to use social selling to your advantage.

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