Rebecca Bell Talks about How Top Sellers Can Win in Today’s Market

Rebecca Bell

Director, Global Enablement and Customer Engagement, Digital Transformation Group at Cisco

In This Episode

My guest today is Rebecca Bell, Director, Global Enablement and Customer Engagement, Digital Transformation Group at Cisco.

Rebecca helps Cisco deliver digital transformation via outcome-based customer engagement. She directs the sales enablement and customer engagement strategy and execution through a vertical industry lens, which encompasses training, collateral, engagement programs and methodologies and community development.

Here are some of the questions Rebecca and I discussed about the changes taking place today in the high-tech marketplace and how top 1% sellers can win and deliver the business outcomes their clients are looking for:

  • The evolution of B2B sales: What’s changing?
  • What are customers looking for from vendors?
  • What do salespeople need for success?
  • Is cold calling dead in this era of digital and social engagement?
  • What are the key tips for sellers starting out with social selling?
  • What are the new rules of developing long-term client relationships?
  • What should sellers ask for to enable their success?

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