Ron Ricci, Vice President, Cisco Systems

Ron Ricci, VP Cisco Systems, Talks about Powerful Communications for Top Sellers in an XAAS World

Ron Ricci, Vice President of Cisco, discusses powerful communications skills for top sellers in an XAAS world and how sellers can get good at communicating their value of their XAAS solutions.

In Part 1, we discuss

  • The transition of companies to digitization and how IoT and IoE affect them
  • How digitization is the core of every conversation customers have
  • Questions frequently asked by customers about digitization
  • How companies organize through success and lead to it
  • The importance of addressing the questions in the mind of customers

In Part 2: We discuss how sellers can

  • Bring value to customer conversations
  • Evolve communication skills and make the transition from the explaining era to the showing era
  • Relate to customer needs, the importance of use-case thinking
  • How to measure its success

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Part 2:

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Part 1:

Part 2:

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